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March 17, 2011
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Minimal Steam UI V3.16 - Netbook compatible by Roughael Minimal Steam UI V3.16 - Netbook compatible by Roughael
The Minimal Steam UI Version 3.16, for the changelog, check out the official steam forum topic:…

Compatible to the May 2014 steam version.

More details can be found on the official steam forum topic:…
Join the Steam Community Group to get notified on updates:…

Up until Version 2.1 I have not modified much of the visual appearance of the skin, but rather supplied fixes and a few slight graphical changes.

With Version 3 I've done a major overhaul of the top part of the UI.
This version is now a LOT smaller than before. The screenshots are in original size.
All windows except from the settings dialog maybe should now easily be usable on Netbooks.

Screenshots in comparison to the normal steam skin:…………

Ingame Overlay ( Widescreen ):…

Smallest size compared to the original steam ui:…

Green theme version:
Red theme version:
Blue theme version:

Original skin is by Ph0xy:…

which was based on TDD skin:…
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lovik Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, I would like to use this theme only with the Steam watermark replaced with the Razer logo and was wondering if this is acceptable for private use or redistribution with the license you use.
Roughael Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
It's probably not allowed by Razer to do that. If you get the permission by Razer, you get my permission.
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Dowlphin Featured By Owner Edited Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Since Steam got a new and horrible skin recently, I had to find an alternative one. This would be my preference and actually the only one I like if it didn't make access to certain things more complicated just for the sake of saving a tiny bit of screen space.
Specifically, I'm missing two-click access to the friends search option (Friends->Add). Now it's View->Friends, then the friends list opens, then there I have to click on the plus icon. (And via community home is kinda impractical because it always causes a huge multimedia load extravaganza on that page.)
I'm also missing quick access to my account page. Used to be two clicks via menu. Now I have to go via View->Settings which then opens the settings window and there I have to click a link to get to the account settings.
Minimalism should not sacrifice usability.
Minimal Steam UI V2 has visual issues now and I don't like Metro, Compact or Pixelvision.

I had to waste hours now just because Valve decided to give Steam a wacko color scheme out of the mind of a maniac and remove the old skin instead of leaving it as an option.

Pixelvision is still the best one out of the abovementioned ones usability-wise I'd say, but its fonts kinda suck.
Roughael Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Thanks for the feedback.
I'll take a look at the friends menu.
Your accounts page is still available via the menu on the username (bottom left corner).
If you want a similar look to this skin but with less changes to the UI, take a look at Enhanced Steam by TDD:…

Pixelvision comes with a font that you need to install in order to use it, maybe you didn't install it ?
Dowlphin Featured By Owner Edited Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, thanks, found it. Yeah, that bottom bar ... I wonder whether it's necessary at all. Pixelvision has it, too, and there's only one menu on there with redundant options.
I did install Pixelvision's font. I also switched the font to the alternative in the config file, because with and without Direct Draw both looked problematic when using the original font - either messed up or irregular and ugly.
Enhanced Steam looks decent, but they say it's not working properly anymore, and its 'successor' looks very different.

I like about this Minimal Steam UI V3 that it has the program menu and the Steam menu items in one bar without lumping the program menu all together into one button as seems trendy these days. If said friends add stuff (and any feature I might have missed to mention) and the account settings could be found in the program menu and the friends status was up there somewhere, too, it would be without a doubt my preferred choice, because then it would be better than any of Valve's own UIs without any drawback.
Could it be that you didn't do that in order to save space for compatibility with mobile devices?

One thing that's neat about Pixelvision is that it has an extra menu for directly accessing all my profile subpages.
Darn... I wish Valve would think about the optimum design for a bit and then make that the standard. I'm a usability buff and power user, thus I easily am bothered by non-optimum features in that area. ... Unfortunately I'm totally not the coder type.
Roughael Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
ok, I thought TDD was still being updated, sorry.
The bottom bar also features the download progress, which is not visible if you don't download anything.

Most of the friends menu (that is actually useful in the main window) is on the steam menu.
The only thing missing was add Friends, and I will add it there as well.

Half of what pixelvision has on the "my profile" menu is available through the menu with your username (the one to the right of the "community" menu).
What I'm gonna do with the rest of them I don't know yet.

The friend status is on the bottom right corner. The Icon is clickable to open the friends list.

Yes, I removed a lot of the duplicated entries to save space, but also to avoid the width variation on the menu.
You see, I can't position the hover menus (store, library, community,user) relative to the menu.
So when a user has a language other than english, the menu might be wider, overlapping with the hover menus.
The more entries you have in the menu, the more likely one of them could be very wide, which would break the ui.
I'll try reasearching alternative ways to fix this problem next month.
Dowlphin Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm, a lot to consider then.
Would probably be easier if Valve wouldn't do crappy design jobs in the first place. Looking at their UI, I can hardly believe that Steam has been in development for a decade now.
darkwater409 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
nvm i figured out how to add it to Steam.  btw, why do my posts keep disappearing when i reopen the window after having closed it?  This has been happening on every DeviantArt page I've posted onto.
darkwater409 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
I just downloaded this onto my comp and am wondering how to apply it to Steam.  Can someone please help me?
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